Online Help | Network Inventory

Version 2023.2

Welcome to Network Inventory an Alloy Navigator Express' module that detects, audits and continually tracks physical and virtual computers, servers, printers, switches, routers and other equipment on the network. Network Inventory allows you to take control over your network inventory with an array of audit methods and strategies.

About this Network Inventory Help

This Help System is designed to help you quickly find answers to your questions about Network Inventory's windows and functions.

There are two ways to access this Help system within Network Inventory's:

  • Press the F1 key on the currently active screen to display the relevant topic (note that not all screens will have context-sensitive help).

    NOTE: Before pressing F1, you must click in one of the screen’s fields to display the topic for that actual screen.

  • Select Help > Help Contents on the menu bar to browse the Help System to find the necessary information.

The Help System is organized in the following chapters:

To find all product documentation including help, online guides, and release notes, use the Product Documentation drop-down menu in the upper panel or go to Alloy Software Product Documentation.