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Comparing Audit Snapshots

Network Inventory allows you to compare configurations of two audited computers by comparing their audit snapshots.

To compare two audit snapshots:

  1. Right-click the first computer to compare either in the Computers tab and choose Compare With from the pop-up menu. The Compare With window opens.

NOTE: You should select an audited computer. The audited computers are shown in the Sidebar with blue icons.

  1. Select the second computer to compare in the collections hierarchical tree and click OK.

  2. View the comparison results in the Compare Audit Snapshots window. This window displays the inventory data of the two compared computers including their system configuration, hardware, printers, devices, and software. The items that have different values are highlighted in red in the Parameter pane on the left.

  3. Optional: To hide the items that have equal values, select the Show differences only check box. In this case, all items in the Parameter pane are shown in black.

  4. To close the Compare Audit Snapshots window, click Close.