Mobile App User's Guide

Home screen

Updated in 2.2

The home screen provides quick access to Announcements, Change Requests, Tickets, and Approval Requests. Tap a link to access the list of objects.

INFO: For details, see Viewing announcements, Understanding views, Switching between views, Viewing change request approvals.

When Alloy Navigator Express sends you push notifications to alert about important events, such as ticket escalations or new announcements, you can view them using the notification button in the Module Menu. Tapping the notification opens the target object.

Elements of the mobile UI:

Number UI Element Description
1 Module Menu

Provides quick access to the functions of the currently active component. May contain the following menus and buttons:

2 Objects list Provides quick access to the views of Alloy Navigator Express Announcements and Tickets, etc.
3 Standard Toolbar

Provides quick access to frequently used data manipulation functions. May contain the following menus and buttons:

4 Grid

Displays records in a tabular form and provides numerous views. For details, see Understanding views.

NOTE: Your Alloy Navigator Express administrator may have disabled some objects in the Mobile App. The home page does not show links to disabled objects.