Mobile App User's Guide

Viewing change request approvals

Introduced in 2.2

When a Change Request undergoes an approval process, you can access its approvals (i.e., Approval Requests). To view the details of a Change Request's approval, open the Change Request record. Then use the page indicator to switch to the Approvals page and tap the desired Approval record .

NOTE: If needed, you can change the approver information for any Request. For details, see Changing approvers of requests.

Elements of the mobile UI:

Number UI Element Description
1 Object ID Displays the identifier of the current Change Request.
2 Details Shows the list of Approval records for the current Change Request.
3 Page indicator Switches between record pages.
4 Actions button Opens actions menu to perform workflow actions on current Change Request. For details, see Performing workflow actions.
5 Back button Returns to the previous form.