Mobile App User's Guide

Viewing child work orders and related objects

Updated in 2.0

You can view child Tickets and open the list of object's Related Objects in the Mobile App. To access those lists, use the More button from the standard toolbar.

TIP: The Web App and Desktop App show this data on the Work Orders and Related Objects tabs of the Ticket’s details window.

NOTE: Some objects on the Relations page are marked with a red “Do Not Enter” sign (for example, Problems or Computers). This sign means that the Mobile App does not provide access to those objects. To access the details of such object records, use the Alloy Navigator Express Web App or Desktop App.

Elements of the mobile UI:

Number UI Element Description
1 Object ID Displays the identifier of the current object.
2 More button Opens additional menu to view child Tickets, Related Objects and Activities.
3 Activities link Displays the Activity Log of the current Ticket.
4 Child Tickets link Displays Child Tickets of the current parent Ticket
5 Related Objects link Displays the Related Objects of the current Ticket.
6 Related Object details link Displays the details of the Related Object record.