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Managing SSP Customer accounts

Introduced in 2022.1

SSP Customer accounts are user accounts created for users who access Alloy Navigator’s Service Desk through the Self Service Portal (SSP customers). You do not have to create SSP Customer accounts manually. Depending on the authentication type used in your Self Service Portal, you can employ either auto-creation of SSP Customer accounts by Active Directory Synchronization (in case of Windows authentication) or enable self-registration of new SSP users (in case of Standard authentication).

NOTE: When all of your domain users can use the Self Service Portal, you may want to avoid duplicating user accounts in Alloy Navigator. With LDAP Authentication enabled for the Self Service Portal you do not need to create SSP customer accounts for domain users.

IMPORTANT: SSP Customer accounts do not count against your Alloy Navigator license, and so you can create an unlimited number of them.

As all other types of Alloy Navigator accounts, SSP Customer accounts are managed from the Users & Security > Accounts and Roles > Accounts section. Operations available for management of SSP Customer accounts are the following: