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All Tickets grid

Updated in 8.4

The All Tickets grid displays records of all Service Desk Tickets, which include:

To access the All Tickets grid, select either Service Desk > All Tickets in the Sidebar, or Go > All Tickets from the main menu.

In the All Tickets grid, you can work with all the above-listed Service Desk Tickets (open, add, delete, etc.), just like in any other object grid. For more information, see Working with Object Records: Common Actions. Additionally, you can perform workflow actions for a single Ticket or multiple ones. In the latter case, all the Tickets that you want to perform an action on must be of the same class. For more information, see Performing workflow actions.

TIP: If you want to track data specific for particular Ticket classes, you can add corresponding fields to the All Tickets grid. For details, see Showing and hiding record fields. The list of available fields is configured by your Alloy Navigator administrator. For details, see Adding Ticket fields.