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Admin Center

Version 2022

Introduced in 2022.1

The Admin Center is an administrative web application that gives Alloy Navigator administrators access to various administrative tasks, such as customizing your business logic, creating and maintaining user accounts and roles, setting up single sign-on, etc.

Accessing your Admin Center

The Admin Center comes with the Web App. To access the Admin Center from the Web App, click Admin Center on the sidebar.

NOTE: The Admin Center link is available only when you have administrative rights in Alloy Navigator.

Admin Center Help

This online help is organized in the following chapters, where each chapter refers to a specific section of the Admin Center's side navigation bar:

  • Accounts and Roles- This chapter explains how to set up and maintain Alloy Navigator accounts and security roles using the Users & Security section.

  • Managing single sign-on (SSO) providers - This page explains how to set up single sign-on (SSO) for Alloy Navigator users.

  • Customizing your workflow configuration - This page explains how to tailor Alloy Navigator's behavior to the needs of your organization.

  • Services - This chapter explains how to configure internal Alloy Navigator services under the Services section.