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Managing the Product Catalog

The Product Catalog consists of a number of Products. You can create, edit, delete products or perform workflow actions with products using the same methods as for any other Alloy Navigator objects.

To access this module, select Purchasing > Product Catalog from the navigation menu.

  • ClosedTo add a Product:

    1. Click New > Product on the Module menu. The Create a Product wizard starts.

    NOTE: You can also create a Product while configuring a Purchase Order, building a Stock Room or adding a Stock Rule for a specific Product.

    1. Follow the wizard's instructions to specify the new Product details.

    2. When you complete the wizard, the General tab of the Product window opens.

  • ClosedTo edit a Product:

    1. Double-click a product record in the grid

    1. In the Product window, change the details that you want to update and click SAVE.

  • ClosedTo delete a Product:

    • Select a Product in the Product Catalog and click Action > Delete on the Module menu.

Product window

The top pane of the Product window displays the ID, name, and status of the Product.

Below the top pane, the following tabs are available:

Using the Module menu of a Product window with an active status you can perform the following actions:

  • ClosedMark a Product record as Inactive:

    1. Click Actions > General > Mark Inactive.

    1. In a separate window, provide details and click SUBMIT.

    After you perform this action, the Status field of the Product changes to Inactive. You can activate an inactive Product record by performing Mark Active action.