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Stock Rooms

The Stock Rooms allow you to maintain lists of available Assets and Consumables for specific Organizations or Locations. When building a Stock Room, you define which Location or Organization you want to track, define a stock manager and also configure stock rules for transactions with the items in this stock (for details, see Stock Rules).

To access the Stock Rooms grid, select Asset Management > Stock Rooms from the navigation menu. To view the details of a particular Stock Room, double-click the corresponding record in the grid.

The top pane of an open Stock Room record window displays the name, location and manager of the stock. When the Location or Manager field is filled out, you can view location or person details by clicking its hyperlinked field label. The referenced object record will appear in a fly-out preview form. To access its full form, click the hyperlinked field label with the wheel mouse button, or click the Edit icon in the fly-out preview form. The object record will be opened in a new tab.

Below the top pane, the following tabs are available: