Installation Guide

Production upgrade process

Updated in 2021.2

This article lists the steps you should take to perform the production upgrade.

TIP: If you want to test-drive the new version before upgrade, use the pilot upgrade scenario.

IMPORTANT: The upgrade may take a considerable time, so we recommend that you do it during off hours, e.g. at night or on the weekend.

To perform the production upgrade:

  1. Force users to log off.
  2. Stop the production Automation Server.
  3. Upgrade Alloy Navigator Express:
    1. Upgrade Alloy Navigator Express server components on the Automation Server computer (for details, see Upgrade Alloy Navigator Express components).
    2. Upgrade your Alloy Navigator Express database.
    3. Upgrade the Alloy Navigator Express web applications on the web server computer: the Web App, Self Service Portal, and the API module. The order of installation does not matter. For details, see Upgrade Alloy Navigator Express components.
  4. Upgrade client components for technicians.
  5. Start the production Automation Server.
  6. Optional: Invite technicians to install the Mobile App.
  7. Optional: Update remote audit agents.