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Managing data segments

You use data segments to limit a user's ability to access certain modules and components in Alloy Navigator.

NOTE: By default, all Alloy Navigator objects are associated with the IT data segment. Any security role member is granted with access to this segment. If you want to change the default settings, make up your own list of data segments, modify security roles and manage business processes according to the needs of your organization. For details, see Administration Guide: Managing Data Segments.

TIP: Although data segments are specific classifiers that you use for controlling the access scope of security role members, they share similar properties and can be treated similar to other classification entities. For details on classification entities, see Setting up classification.

INFO: To view all workflow items and components (Actions, Forms, Functions, Macros, etc.) that use the system ITdata segment, i.e. have placeholders for the field's value, go to the Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Fields section. For details, see Viewing fields' usage in workflow.

The Users & Security > Accounts and Roles > Data Segments section displays the list of currently available data segments and allows you to manage the list as follows: