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Managing security roles

This article defines what are security roles in Alloy Navigator and lists the tasks you can perform on roles in your Settings App.

Security roles control which Alloy Navigator objects technicians can access and which actions they can perform on Alloy Navigator objects. Once you define roles, you can create Technician accounts and assign these roles to technicians. A role grants same permissions to all its members; a technician can have membership in multiple roles. For more information, see Understanding security roles.

There is a predefined Administrator role that provides unlimited access to Alloy Navigator objects and gives its members a set of management and administration permissions. To use security roles effectively, we strongly recommend to grant the Administrator role to Alloy Navigator administrators only, and configure a number of roles for technicians, according to the tasks they are to perform in Alloy Navigator.

IMPORTANT: You must always have a role with the Administrative Access permission granted in Alloy Navigator.

In the Users & Security > Accounts and Roles > Roles section, you can perform the following tasks: