Administration Guide

Adding On Created/Modified Triggers

To create a Trigger that fires when an object is created or modified, follow the steps below.

INFO: For information on Triggers, see Triggers.

IMPORTANT: Unlike On Condition Triggers, that can check their condition after the object has been saved, On Created/Modified Triggers fire before the new data is saved into the database.

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Workflow and Business Logic > [Module] > [Object Class] > Workflow > Actions > Triggers > On Created/Modified.

  2. Click New. The Trigger on Create/Modify [ID] dialog box opens.

    NOTE: Note the unique auto-generated ID value. This ID gives quick access to the Trigger from anywhere in the Settings App. For details, see Accessing Workflow Items or Components by ID.

  3. On the General tab, specify these general properties of the Trigger:

    1. Type the Trigger name in the Name field.

    2. Optional: Enter a description of this Trigger in the Description field.

      NOTE: Keep the Enabled check box selected. Otherwise, this Trigger will not fire.

    3. Under Execute when, specify the event(s) that will fire the Trigger:

      • To fire the Trigger when a newly created object is being saved, click Object is created.
      • To fire the Trigger when a modified object is being saved, click Object is modified.
      • To fire the Trigger when an object is being created or modified, click Object is created or modified.
    4. If you want the Trigger to fire only when the object is created or modified using the object’s Full Form, select the Run this trigger only from the object Full Form check box.

      INFO: For more information on using Full Forms, see Using the Full Form.

  4. If you want the Trigger to fire only when a certain condition occurs, click the Condition tab and then click Edit to specify the Trigger condition.

    INFO: For instructions on creating conditions, see Building Criteria.

  5. Click the Programming tab and specify the operations to execute directly within the Trigger or select an existing Function.

    1. Under Operations, click New > [Operation] and specify the operation details.

      INFO: For instructions, see Adding Operations.

      Repeat this step to add other operations as needed.

    2. By default, all operations are executed unconditionally. If needed, you can enclose your operation in conditional blocks.

      INFO: For instructions, see Building Conditional Statements.

      IMPORTANT: Any workflow operation within a Function, Action, or Trigger can be enabled or disabled. Only enabled operations are executed. For details, see Disabling and Enabling Operations.

  6. If you want to categorize the Trigger by assigning it to one or more Processes, click the Processes tab and follow the instructions on assigning Triggers to Processes.

    INFO: For instructions, see Assigning Workflow Items to Processes.

  7. When done, click OK.