Administration Guide


Triggers are non-interactive workflow items based on a condition or an event such as record creation, modification, or deletion. As opposed to Actions, Triggers are not dependent on the object's lifecycle stage or the particular workflow step.

There are three types of Triggers:

  • On Condition These Triggers will fire when existing objects satisfy a specified condition. Alloy Navigator checks this condition at specific times. You may set a schedule to determine when or how often the condition is checked or configure Alloy Navigator to check the condition whenever an object is created or modified. These Triggers do not run on inactive objects, i.e. objects in Closed, Retired, or Inactive status.
  • On Created/Modified These Triggers react to an object creation or modification. Unlike On Condition Triggers, that can check their condition after the object has been saved, On Created/Modified Triggers fire before the new data is saved into the database.
  • On Deleted These Triggers react to an object's deletion.

The Aspects of Triggers

The following aspects control the behavior of each Trigger: