Administration Guide

Using the Full Form

Objects in Alloy Navigator are typically created through Action Forms. Action Forms request the user only for specific information and pass the user input to other workflow components via virtual fields. However, if you do not need the benefits of Action Forms, you can use the Full Form in some Create Actions. The Full Form allows users to enter data directly in the object details window, as illustrated below.

Until the object is saved, the Full Form allows the user to enter object details only in a limited number of fields. Once the object is saved, additional tabs appear, where the user can enter additional information.

NOTE: In order to modify objects directly, the Modify permission is required. We recommend that the Modify permission in granted only to administrators who have a good understanding of how direct modifications may affect the system. For details, see Controlling Access to Objects.

IMPORTANT: Actions with the Full Form are not supported by the Mobile App. If you use the Full Form in your Action for creating Tickets, this Action will be unavailable for Mobile App users. For details, see Customizing Ticket Creation Forms.