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Admin Center


The Admin Center is a comprehensive platform that streamlines administrative tasks, enhances security, and enables effective oversight and control over AlloyScan. Its wide range of features, tools, and capabilities includes:

  • Monitoring subscription and usage status

    The Admin Center provides an in-depth view of the organization's subscription and usage status.

  • User and application management

    Administrators can efficiently manage users, assign roles and permissions, and register applications within the system. This allows for streamlined access control and enhances security measures.

  • Custom field management

    The Admin Center provides tools to manage custom fields that collect additional information about audited devices.

  • Site management

    The ability to access and review essential information about the organization's site and edit the organization's avatar, allowing for visual customization and branding within the system.

    INFO: See also User permissions and access levels within the Admin Center below.

  • Task, audit service, and audit agent management

    The Admin Center allows administrators to manage tasks, audit services, and audit agents. This includes scheduling, configuring, and monitoring audits, as well as deploying and maintaining audit services and agents for comprehensive auditing processes.

  • Notification template creation and management

    Administrators can create and manage notification templates, enabling customization of automated notifications sent to users for various events or actions within the system.

  • Access to scan and audit logs

    The Admin Center provides access to scan and audit logs, allowing administrators to review and analyze detailed information about scans performed and audit activities.

Accessing Admin Center

To get to the AlloyScan Admin Center, click Admin Center in the left bottom corner. . The Administrator role is required.

User permissions and access levels within the Admin Center

The management options within the Admin Center vary based on the administrator’s user permissions within the system. This granular control ensures that administrators can perform tasks specific to their designated level of access.

Administrators with organization-level permissions primarily operate within the My Organization section of the Admin Center.

In contrast, administrators with instance-level permissions have broader control and oversight. They can view and manage multiple sites within the instance, and the terminology used within the Admin Center reflects this shift. Instead of the My Organization section, administrators will see a list of sites associated with the instance. Under each site, they have a comprehensive set of settings and management options available. This includes the ability to create new sites, delete existing ones, and modify site-specific configurations.

Administrators with instance-level permissions can also manage user access across different sites, ensuring proper user allocation and permissions within each specific context. In addition, they can copy various settings from one site to another, streamlining the configuration process. One notable example is the ability to duplicate notifications. By leveraging this feature, the administrator can ensure that the same notification settings are applied consistently across multiple sites, and a unified approach to notifications is maintained.