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This page describes the Logs section in the Admin Center. This section contains two pages, Audit and Scan, that display audit and scan logs respectively.

Here users can export logs as a CSV file or download a detailed report in PDF format. The Logs section provides administrators with a centralized location to monitor and analyze system and security-related events, helping them to identify issues and take proactive measures to address them.

Both pages in the Logs section also include a search capability, allowing administrators to quickly find specific logs based on keywords or phrases.

In both the Audit and Scan logs, you can customize the display of columns and their order. For details, see Customizing data views.

Audit logs

The Audit page displays records of audit tasks on the current site.

When a group of devices is audited, this activity is represented as a collapsed group entry. You can expand this group entry to inspect audit details for each device within the group individually.

The Scope column shows whether the audit was initiated via the Audit Service or an Audit Agent.

For more granular analysis, you can open log files for individual devices by clicking on the respective View log button.

Scan logs

The Scan page displays logs related to the scanning of devices for vulnerabilities and security risks. The table on this page shows similar information as on the Audit page, but with details specific to scanning tasks, such as the type of scan performed and the results of the scan.

The Scope column in the Scan log grid shows the name of the network segment that has been scanned. The segment name is a link that opens detailed information about that segment.