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Identity and access management


This article describes how administrators can control user access to AlloyScan resources using the Admin Center. Read how to create user accounts, register external apps, and make sure all user identities are properly managed and access to resources is secure and controlled.


The Users page under My Organization > Identity and access management provides an interface for administrators to create, modify, and delete user accounts, as well as manage the user roles and permissions. The primary purpose of this section is to ensure that users have the appropriate access to the resources necessary to perform their jobs, while also maintaining the security of the system.

Creating a new account is a simple process that involves providing basic user information, activating the account, and setting a password.

To create a new account:

  1. Click New Account.

  2. In the side panel that appears, provide the following information: user's full name, role (Admin or User), and email address.

  3. To activate the new account, check the Active check box to activate the new account. If the Active check box is not selected, the new account will be created, but the user will not be able to log in until an administrator marks the account as Active.

    Leaving an account inactive is useful if the account activation needs to be delayed. For example, when the user is starting their job in several weeks, the administrator may create the account and leave it inactive until the user is ready to begin. This can help streamline the onboarding process and ensure that the user has access to the resources they need when they begin working.

  4. Enter a password for the new account in the Password field and confirm it in the Confirm Password field.

  5. Optionally, upload a user avatar by dragging and dropping an image file or clicking to browse and select an image.

  6. Click OK to finish. Once the account is created, AlloyScan sends a verification email to the new user.

The new user should then check their email inbox and click on the verification link provided in the email. This redirects the new user to the platform, where they are prompted to enter and confirm a new password.

App registrations

The App registrations page under My Organization > Identity and access management is used to register external applications that will interact with AlloyScan and manage the access of these applications to the resources within AlloyScan.

When an administrator registers a new application, they can configure parameters such as the application's name, expiry date, client ID, and secret. These parameters are used to identify the application and to establish a secure connection between the application and AlloyScan.

To register a new application:

  1. On the App registrations page click . The Add new app registration sliding pane is displayed.

  2. Provide the following parameters:

    • Name: The application's unique identifier within AlloyScan.

    • Expires: The expiration date for the application's access. This ensures that the application's access to AlloyScan will be automatically revoked after a certain period of time for security reasons.

    • Enabled: Select this check box to immediately make the new registration operational (default). If the Enabled check box is not selected, the new application will be registered, but the integration will remain disabled until an administrator selects the Enabled check box.

The ClientID and Secret parameters are generated automatically when the application is registered. ClientID is used by the application to authenticate with AlloyScan and to request access to resources. The Secret parameter is a key that is only known to the application and AlloyScan and is used to establish a secure connection between the two.

In addition to configuring these parameters, administrators can also download a CSV file that contains information about the registered applications.