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Limits and usage

The Limits and usage section in the Admin Center provides you with an in-depth view of your subscription and usage status. This page offers detailed subscription insights, including:

Subscription Information

  • Next billing date: This is the date of your upcoming subscription billing cycle.

  • Monthly usage reset date: This field shows the date on which the monthly usage count of your organization's account will be restarted. In some cases, this date may be unlimited, ensuring continuous access to your allocated resources.


In the Limits section, you'll find a breakdown of your usage limits and actual usage:

  • Users: Monitor the number of users allowed under your license and how many of those slots are already used.

  • Devices: Keep track of the number of devices covered by your license and the number of the occupied device slots.

  • Audits per Month: Understand the number of audits permitted by your license and how many of these audits have been already conducted.

  • API Transactions per Month: Stay aware of the number of API transactions included in your license and the count of transactions that have been already used.


In addition to this informative breakdown, the system will send you notifications to ensure that you have complete visibility and control over your subscription and usage. These notifications have three levels of importance: informative (green), warning (yellow), and critical (red).

  • Informative notifications: They provide you with advance notice of reaching a license limit, ensuring you have ample time for necessary preparations.

  • Warning notifications: These indicate that you are approaching your usage limit. They serve as proactive warnings, offering you time to adjust your usage before reaching the limit.

  • Critical notifications: These signify that you have reached your limit for the specified resource. Red notifications are critical and require immediate attention to prevent service interruptions or additional charges.