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Inventory Server

Updated in 2021.1

Alloy Inventory Server is a multitasking Windows service for running automated tasks and scheduled events in Alloy Discovery.

Inventory Server performs the following tasks:

  • Discover nodes on the network according to the schedule or on demand;
  • Audit nodes on the network according to the schedule or on demand;
  • Check Network Folder Audit Sources, FTP Audit Sources, and E-mail Audit Sources for new audit snapshots with the upload interval or on demand;
  • Load audit snapshots collected by the Portable Audit.
  • Upload all received audit snapshots to the database. During the upload process, it performs various operations when processing received audit data, such as:
    • Recognize software products and populate the Software Catalog;
    • Track the Change History;
    • Send out alert notifications;
    • Detect audit conflicts and resolves them, if any;
    • Log all events in Alloy Discovery.

Alloy Discovery supports multiple Inventory Server instances per a single database. On distributed networks with multiple Inventory Servers running, you may want to designate one Inventory Server instance as primary to improve audit snapshot processing performance.