Administration Guide

Configuring Different Types of Dashboard Widgets

Alloy Navigator Express supports the following types of dashboard widgets:

  • Announcements displays a list of Announcements. For details, see Configuring Announcements Widgets.
  • Views displays a list of shared data views and provides the ability to open these views directly from the dashboard. For details, see Configuring Views Widgets.
  • Create New displays a list of Templates for creating various Alloy Navigator Express objects directly from the dashboard. For details, see Configuring Create New Widgets.
  • Report List provides direct access to selected reports. For details, see Configuring Report List Widgets.
  • System Information includes information about the current Alloy Navigator Express database and logged-in user. For details, see Configuring System Information Widgets.
  • Links shows a collection of links to internal and external resources. This widget can include both pre-configured links, such as a link to the Alloy Software Web page, and custom links, such as links to files (including shortcuts to applications), folders, hyperlinks to HTML pages. For details, see Configuring Links Widgets.
  • Chart displays a chart or graph built on a shared view or SQL query. For details, see Configuring Chart Widgets.
  • Counters — displays metrics and trends of numeric data. For details, see Configuring Counter Widgets.
  • Latest Activities — displays a list of most recent activities performed on Alloy Navigator Express objects and provides access to those objects directly from the dashboard. For details, see Configuring Latest Activity Widgets.
  • Table displays tabular data. This widget allows users to view important data (for example, overdue Tickets). Unlike regular data grids, table widgets do not provide sorting, grouping, and other advanced data management capabilities. However, you can open the details of any object listed in the grid by double-clicking a data row. For details, see Configuring Table Widgets.