Administration Guide

Alloy Navigator Express Logs

Alloy Navigator Express contains the following logs:

  • Active Directory Import Log — contains information about Active Directory Synchronization sessions.

    INFO: For details, see Configuring User Synchronization.

  • Deleted Objects Log — contains information about deleted Alloy Navigator Express objects.
  • Incoming Mail Log — contains information about Mail Connector job sessions.

    INFO: For details about the Mail Connector job, see Processing Incoming E-mail.

  • Outgoing Notifications Log — every time Alloy Navigator Express checks the Notification Queue for pending e-mail and push notifications, it records the current state of the queue (e.g. the total number of notifications in the queue and the number of notifications that were successfully sent out) in the Outgoing Notifications Log.

    INFO: For details about outgoing notifications, see Configuring and Controlling Outgoing Notifications.

  • Reporting Log — contains information about Reporting job sessions.

    INFO: For details, see Scheduling Reports.

  • User Sessions Log — every time a user session is started or terminated, Alloy Navigator records such event in the User Session log.

    INFO: For more information on user sessions, see Managing user sessions.

  • SSP Searches Log — every time a Self Service Portal user is searching for text in the Knowledge Base or in the Ticket fields, Alloy Navigator Express records such event in the SSP Search log.
  • INFO: For more information on SSP search reporting, see Configuring Reporting Settings for SSP searches.

  • Automation & Workflow Log — contains records about the execution of workflow items.

    INFO: For details, see Understanding Workflow Items.

    IMPORTANT: By default, Alloy Navigator Express logs only failures. You can change this in the Workflow log settings. For details, see Configuring Log Settings.

  • Network Inventory Logs:
    • Network Inventory Import Log — contains information about synchronization sessions for importing Network Inventory data.

      INFO: For details, see Configuring Inventory Data Mapping.

    • Network Discovery and Audit Log — contains information about discovery and audit operations in Network Inventory.
    • Network Inventory Server Log — contains information about the events of the Automation tasks in Network Inventory.
  • Error Log — contains errors and failures reported by Alloy Navigator Express system components. For example, when an e-mail message fails to send, an event is recorded in the Error Log.