Administration Guide

Configuring Network Inventory Administrative Alerts

You can configure Alloy Navigator Express for alerting appropriate staff via e-mail when a certain hardware or software condition in Network Inventory is detected.

The following types of Alerts are supported:

  • Object Change — This type allows you to define conditions based on a hardware or software component as a whole (e.g. to trigger the Alert when a memory module is added or removed or when a software product was installed or uninstalled).

  • Attribute Value — This Alert type allows you to check the value of a hardware or software component's attribute (e.g. to generate a notification when a computer’s IP address is changed).

  • Free Disk Space — Alerts of this type are triggered when the free disk space falls below a certain threshold.

  • Memory Size — This Alert type allows you to check the RAM size.

  • Software Product Change — This type allows you to detect the presence of a certain software product, to detect when any software or a certain product is installed or uninstalled, or to detect when a software product from a certain software group is installed or uninstalled.

  • UAC — This Alert type allows you to check the state of User Access Control.

  • Hardware Change — This type allows you to detect hardware configuration changes.

  • Network Settings Change — Use this Alert type to detect network configuration changes.

Alloy Navigator Express includes a number of predefined Alerts, which you must customize.

NOTE: You must configure e-mail settings before Network Inventory can send out e-mail alerts. For details, see Configuring and Controlling Outgoing Notifications.