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Equipment Reservations records

The Equipment Reservations component allows you to view and manage reservations of the miscellaneous items that users borrow from your organization for temporary use and reservations for these items coming from Technicians and SSP users.

Main purpose of Reservations is to schedule the process of borrowing ("checking out") Library Items by limiting the ability to check out the item for all users except the one who reserved it. Reservations can be created for Library Items only. If you want to keep track of reservations of a particular item that is allowed for borrowing in your organization, begin with creating Library Item record for this item. For more details, see Equipment Lending Library records.

To access the Equipment Reservations grid, select Asset Management > Equipment Reservations from the navigation menu. To open the details of a particular Reservation, double-click the corresponding record in the grid.

NOTE: You can see reservations of the particular Library Item on the Reservations tab of its object record window.

The top pane of an open equipment reservation record window displays the name, ID and the status of the Reservation.

Below the top pane, the following tabs are available: