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Printing grids

Alloy Navigator's quick printing feature brings the advanced presentation features of data grids right to the printed page. Just apply the necessary filtering or grouping rules to any data grid and print out the grid contents as a quick report. Before printing, you can fine-tune the visual and behavioral aspects of the printout.

Unlike conventional summary and detail reports (for details, see Reports), you cannot save the layout of your quick report as a template and then fill it in with the new data. All customizations you make to a quick report apply only to that current report generated during the current Alloy Navigator session. After you exit the Desktop App, the default settings override all your report changes. You can only save a quick report with all its contents to an .rps file and then load that snapshot of your grid data and print it out. You can also export you quick report to a .pdf file.

NOTE: The current Alloy Navigator version does not support quick reports for hierarchical grids (Projects, Organizations, Locations).

To print a quick report:

  1. Open the target grid and customize the grid as needed. You can filter records, group and sort them, change the column order, etc. For details, see Customizing grids.

  2. Select File > Quick Print Preview from the main menu. The Print Preview window opens (for details, see Using the Print Preview toolbars).

NOTE: Make sure to click within the grid. Otherwise, the Quick Print Preview command is unavailable.

  1. Preview your report. You can perform the following tasks to make your report look exactly as you need:

  2. Print the report:

    • If you want to send the report to the default printer, click the Print icon .

    • If you want to tune your print settings before printing, click the Print Dialog icon from the menu to access the standard Print window, specify the settings, and then click Print.