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Grouping records

Updated in 2024

Grouping records is another way to organize records in a grid. Grouping lets you collect records with the same value in a certain column (record field) and display them as separate groups of records, allowing for improved data organization, easier data analysis, and enhanced reporting. Grouping records also enables the calculation of group statistics like sums, averages, counts, and other aggregations, providing meaningful insights into each group's data characteristics without the need for separate examination of individual records.

You can use the following capabilities for grouping grid records:

  • Use the group box above the grid, a powerful and flexible tool for grouping grid records. For details, see Showing and hiding the Group Panel

  • Group records by one or more columns by using the context menu or the Group Panel or the Grouping tab of the Customize View window. For details, see Grouping.

  • Configure the view so that records appear grouped automatically whenever you sort them. For details, see Grouping by sorting.

  • Configure the view to automatically hide the columns by which records are grouped. For details, see Hiding columns by which the records are grouped.

  • Configure the view to use Microsoft Outlook style when grouping by a date/time column. For details, see Grouping date columns in Outlook style.

  • Remove either grouping by a single column or all grouping from the grid. For details, see Ungrouping.