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Managing dashboards and widgets

The General > Dashboard Management section of the Sidebar allows you to configure Alloy Navigator dashboards available in the Desktop App and the Web App. Dashboards can display a wide range of information for different groups of users. For example, executives can be provided with high-level diagrams, managers with performance indicators, system administrators with statistics on IT infrastructure, and regular technicians with lists of assigned tickets.

Dashboards consist of informative panels, which are called widgets. There are many types of widgets: Chart, Table, Links, etc. You can customize widgets in order that they display the information you need (various supported chart types, drill-down features, custom SQL filters, and so on). All widgets are shared, which allows you to create a widget once and use it in multiple dashboards.

TIP:You can modify the availability of a dashboard by changing security roles the dashboard is assigned to. For details, see Assigning dashboards to security roles.

NOTE: Technicians working in the Desktop App are able to locally customize their dashboards provided that they have the necessary security permission.

NOTE: Currently, dashboard customization is not available in the Web App.

The Dashboard Management section includes the following subsections: