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Managing Automation Server jobs

Updated in 2022.1

The Automation Server is a Windows service dedicated to running automated tasks in Alloy Navigator. The Automation Server runs on the computer where you installed it, it is configured and started separately using the Alloy Automation Server Manager.

The Automation Server runs the following jobs in Alloy Navigator.

Automation Server properties

In the Services > Automation Server section, at the top, you can view the server properties:

  • Host - the computer name of the machine, which has the registered Automation Server instance installed.

  • Status - the status of the Automation Server, either Stopped or Running.

  • Version - the version of the Automation Server.

NOTE: To start or stop your server, use the Alloy Automation Server Manager on the computer hosting the Automation Server. Alloy Automation Server Manager is available only for Alloy Navigator On-Premises. For details, see Starting and stopping the Automation Server.

Automation Server job list

In the Services > Automation Server section, in the grid, you can view all existing jobs, grouped by type. Each entry in the job list displays basic information about a particular job.

You can perform the following tasks here:

Automatic termination of non-responding tasks

The Automatic Server automatically terminates non-responding jobs after a timeout period of one hour. If needed, you can terminate non-responding jobs manually.