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Inventory Server Manager

You use the Inventory Server Manager to configure the Inventory Server and to start or stop the service.

To start the Inventory Server Manager from the Desktop App, select Tools > Inventory Server Manager on the main menu. Alternatively, you can start it using the Alloy Control Panel.

Configuring the Inventory Server

When you configure the Inventory Server for working with the database, this server is automatically registered in it. In case you reconfigure Inventory Server to work with another database, it remains presented in the list of registered servers for the current database. In the Settings App (Settings > Services > Inventory Servers), you can see the list of all the registered Inventory Servers, including those that has been uninstalled or registered in another database (for detailed information about managing Inventory Server list, see Managing Inventory Servers).

When configuring the Inventory Server, you specify two parameters:

  • Startup account - The Windows account under which the Inventory Server is running. This account defines the security context for all operations that the Inventory Server performs. You can use a built-in Local System or Network Service account, or configure the Inventory Server to run under a dedicated Window account.

  • Connection - The Database Access Key imported to the Inventory Server computer. The Database Access Key defines how the Inventory Server connects to the Alloy Discovery database.

To configure the Inventory Server:

  1. Under Startup Account, view the Windows account under which the Inventory Server runs by default.

    If you want to change the Inventory Server startup account, , click Change Account and set the startup account as needed.

  2. Click Test Connection to make sure that the Inventory Server can connect to the database using the specified settings.

  3. Click OK to save your settings and register the Inventory Server in the database.

Starting and Stopping Inventory Server

When the Inventory Server is started or stopped, the following icons indicate the state of the server:

- the Inventory Server is started;

- the Inventory Server is running with errors or stopped.

NOTE: If the Inventory Server cannot operate on database, you will see the "Inventory Server Running with Errors" message. The warning message will also be displayed if you try to start the Inventory Server that is already connected to another database (it is when you can stop the server, re-configure its settings, and start the server again).

To start or stop the Inventory Server:

  • View the server status at the top of the window. Use the Start, Stop, and Restart buttons to manage the Inventory Server.

If the Inventory Server fails to start, you can view any related errors in the Windows Event Log. To access the Event Log, select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > Application from the Start menu. The service name is AlloyInventoryServer.

NOTE: In the Settings App, you can view the statistics for all registered Inventory Server instances. For details, see Managing Inventory Servers.