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Setting the Startup account

The Inventory Server startup account is a Windows account under which the Inventory Server is running. This account defines the security context for all operations that the Inventory Server performs in Alloy Discovery.

NOTE: If you choose Network Browser as your discovery option, use the Windows domain startup account for your Inventory Server. For details, see Select Domain window.

To set the Inventory Server startup account:

  1. In the Inventory Server Manager, click Change Account under Startup Account. The Select Account window opens.

  2. Choose one of these options:

  • Local System account - The built-in Local System account on the computer where the Inventory Server is installed (LocalSystem). This is the default option.

  • Network Service account - The built-in Network Service account on the computer where the Inventory Server is installed (NT AUTHORITY\Network Service).

  • This account - When the Inventory Server and SQL Server are installed on separate computers, and your SQL Server does not support SQL Server authentication, for security reasons you may want to use a dedicated Windows user account instead of a built-in account. This account must have access to the SQL Server hosting the database and sufficient rights to access the network resources required by Alloy Discovery (such as the Active Directory and Mail Server).

Click the Find button to bring up the standard Windows Select User dialog box, where you can choose a Windows account.

  1. Click OK.