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Viewing Collected Inventory Data

Alloy Discovery collects in-depth inventory data from all of the audited computers, Chromebooks and network devices. This includes information about installed hardware and software, system data, security information, event log records, and etc.

Once your network nodes have been audited, gathered information has been collected and uploaded to the database, you can browse the inventory data.

You can view the data either for all network nodes (using the All Computers, the All Chromebooks and All Network Devices collections) or for a particular Site or Collection (you have to define Sites and Collections first; for details, see Working with Sites and Working with Collections). Statistics of a particular Site you can see in the Site Statistics.

You can view the inventory data in the following grids:

  • All Nodes grid - displays all discovered computers (both audited and not audited), Chromebooks and network devices in a Site.

  • Computers grid - shows audited computers in a Site or Collection.

  • Chromebooks grid - shows audited Chromebooks in a Site or Collection.

  • Network Devices grid - shows audited network devices in a Site or Collection.