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Network Folder Audit

The Network Folder Audit is an agent-based method of LAN audit. Using this method, you can audit networked computers on a regular basis. Network Folder Audit determination involves two steps:

  1. Deployment of the Inventory Analyzer package to a centralized location, accessible by all networked computers (i.e. a network shared folder).

  2. Automating the audit using different automation scenarios.

NOTE: Before configuring the Network Folder Audit, make sure the Audit Profile options are defined properly (for details, see Audit Profiles).

To set up the Network Folder Audit, perform the following actions:

  1. Create a shared folder on a file server. This folder will be the target location for deploying the Inventory Analyzer and will serve as the Intermediary Repository. Captured audit snapshots will be stored in the Intermediary Repository on the same network share until the Inventory Server imports them into the Alloy Discovery database.

  2. Create a Network Folder Audit Source, as described in Configuring Network Folder Audit Sources. By configuring this source, you deploy the audit agents to a network share. The Inventory Server automatically reflects changes of the Audit Profile in the configurations of its deployed audit agents.

  3. Automate the audit as described in Automating Network Folder Audit.

  4. Optional: You can check the source for new snapshots on demand, as described in Checking Network Folder Audit Sources for New Snapshots.