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Checking Network Folder, FTP, and E-mail Audit Sources for New Snapshots

You are allowed to upload audit data collected for Network Folder Audit Sources, FTP Audit Sources, and E-mail Audit Sources to the database, by defining auto-upload of the audit snapshots and uploading the snapshots manually.

To upload audit snapshots into the database:

    1. Select Audit > Receive Snapshots on the main menu to open the Receive Snapshots window. This window displays all existing Network Folder Audit Sources and E-mail Audit Sources.

    2. If you want to upload the audit snapshots not for all Network Folder Audit, E-mail Audit Sources, and FTP Audit clear the check boxes next to those audit sources.

    3. Click OK. The new task will be added to the Task List.

To upload audit snapshots into the selected Site:

    1. In the Sidebar, right-click the destined Site, and then select Properties from the pop-up menu.

    2. Under Audit Sources, select the source, where you want to upload the snapshots, and then click Actions > Check for New Snapshots. The task will be added to the Task List.

    3. Click OK.

NOTE: If there are several Inventory Server instances registered in the database, audit snapshots will be loaded by the Inventory Server associated with the Site to which the Audit Source belongs.