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Creating Sites

When creating a Site, you specify the Site properties and create Audit Sources for that Site. Within the Site properties you to define the attributes of a new Site, such as Name, Site Tag, description and also assign the Inventory Server controlling Site's inventory operations. Within the Audit Source you specify a method for auditing nodes and the necessary settings for performing inventory operations.

To create a Site:

  1. Start the New Site Wizard as either the following:

    • Select File > New > Site from the main menu. The New Site Wizard starts.

    • In the Sidebar, right-click Sites and select New Site from the pop-up menu. The New Site Wizard starts.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the wizard.

The New Site Wizard allows you to create a Site with no Audit Sources. However, Site without Audit Sources cannot be discovered or audited. If you are not ready to add Audit Sources when creating a Site, you can add Audit Sources at a later time. For details, see the following instructions: