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Managing the Task List

You use the Services > Task List section of the Settings App to view and manage all the inventory tasks initiated in Alloy Discovery. This section also allows you to view task statistics of each Inventory Server.

NOTE: You can manage automatically scheduled audit tasks only using the Settings App.

The following information is available for each task in the list:

  • Tasks - the task name.

  • Task ID - the task identifier in the Task List.

  • Site - the Site name where the task was initiated.

  • User Name - the name of the user who initiated the task.

  • Status - the task status.

  • Start Time - the date and time when the task was initiated.

For each Inventory Server, you can view the task statistics that display the number of slots available for running tasks (by default, each Inventory Server has the maximum number of 3 slots available) and the progress status of each task.

NOTE: You can configure Inventory Server performance settings in the Services > Inventory Servers section. For details, see Managing Inventory Servers.