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Task List

The Task List is a list of the tasks that you have initiated in Alloy Discovery. Here you can see the progress of each task from Pending to Finished status.

NOTE: To view and manage all scheduled tasks, use the Settings App. For details, see Managing the Task List.

Once a task is initiated, it appears in the Task List under the name of the Inventory Server that performs this task. Thus, the tasks are shown broken down by the Inventory Server instances registered in the database. For example, if you have two Inventory Server instances in the database, the Task List may simultaneously display the progress of the Audit task run by the first Inventory Server instance and the progress of the Check for New Snapshots task run by the second Inventory Server instance. When the server is inactive (stopped or uninstalled), it is presented with the monochrome icon . Active (running) Inventory Server instances are presented with the colored icon .

Once a task from the Task List is completed, the Changes notification message appears on the status bar (for details, see Menus and Toolbars). You can click the displayed notification to refresh the data immediately and hide the message. Otherwise, it stays displayed until the data is refreshed automatically.

The Task List is shown in a special pane at the bottom of the main Alloy Discovery window.