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Alert Log Record window

The Alert Log Record window displays information about a particular Alert Log record. You can open this window by double-clicking the desired record from the Alert Log (for details, see Managing Alert Log).

The Alert Log Record window contains the following data:

  • Server Name - the specific Inventory Server instance generated the log record.

  • Computer Name - the name of the computer where the alert trigger was initiated.

  • Log Date - the date and time when the record was logged.

  • Order - the identification number of the Alert Log record.

  • Sent successfully - the selected check box indicates that the Inventory Server sent out the alert notification successfully. The clear check box indicates that Inventory Server failed to send the alert.

NOTE: For detailed information about the alert notification, see Alert [Alert Name ] window.

  • Alert Name - the alert name.

  • From - the e-mail address from where the alert notification was sent.

  • To - the e-mail address of the person that received the alert notification.

  • CC -the e-mail address where the copy of the alert notification was sent.

  • BCC -the e-mail address where the blind copy of the alert notification was sent.

  • Subject - the subject of the e-mail message.

  • Body - the body of the e-mail message.

The Next Item and Previous Item buttons let you page through the Alert Log records.

Click the Close button, to close the Alert Log Record window.