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Home Page

On-prem only

Introduced in 2021.1

The home page provides quick access to all information and tasks available for Self Service Portal customers. It is a dashboard with a large search box for searching the knowledge base, buttons for submitting tickets, requesting services, and asking questions, and collapsible widgets for everything else your customers would need for self-serve, including their open tickets, latest activities, or approvals.

The Web Configuration tool allows you to choose a template for the home page. That template defines the layout of the home page (i.e., how many columns it would have) and the look and feel of the whole portal (i.e., its color theme).

To change the home page's template:

  1. Open the Home Page drop down list to view all available templates and switch between templates. Note that the preview pane reflects the chosen template.

  2. Select the desired template and click Next.

NOTE: The actual home page's content depends on the selected modules.