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Creating Tracked Software records

You have to create Tracked Software records for the software for which you want to track license compliance. Tracked Software records contain information about Software Products collected by Network Inventory and Software Licenses that you create in Alloy Navigator Express. For details, see Tracked Software records.

NOTE: A single Tracked Software record can join a number of Software Products (for example, different versions of the same software) and include several Software Licenses.

You create Tracked Software using the corresponding workflow action(see also Adding records). Typically, the action name is Quick Software. The action is available from several locations.

To create Tracked Software from the Tracked Software grid (Software > Tracked Software):

  1. Click New > Quick Software or choose another command.

  2. Fill out the fields in the open window to specify the information about the new Tracked Software (at least its name), and click SUBMIT.

  3. Under Products, click Add to add the software product that you want to track.

  4. Under Licenses, click either Add to add the software license, or New to create a new software license that you want to associate with the newly created Tracked Software .