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Group records

You can arrange Person records in groups for various purposes. This can be done for both technicians and non-technicians. For example, you can group technicians dealing with user requests and technicians handling internal problems. You can also create groups for non-technicians (e.g. customers). For example, you can group internal customers by departments and external customers by companies.

That's why there are two kinds of Group records in Alloy Navigator Express.

  • Technician groups

    The first type of Group records is for technicians only. A technician group (or a support group) describes one particular group of technicians with a manager. The benefit of arranging technicians in such groups is group assignment, when tickets are assigned not to individual technicians, but to groups. Depending on the business logic in your organization, group managers may re-assign tickets to individual technicians within the group, or .

  • Mixed groups

    The second kind of Group records can include any Persons—technicians and non-technicians alike. Groups of this kind give you more freedom. You can group Persons by various characteristics, depending on your needs.

NOTE: A person, whether a technician or non-technician, can be a member of multiple groups simultaneously.

A Group record displays the top pane and a number of tabs. The top pane displays the name, auto-generated ID of the Group and its status. The list of possible Group statuses is defined by your Alloy Navigator Express administrator.

Below the top pane, the following tabs are available: