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Setting object identifiers

In the Customization > General > Object Identifiers section, you specify the format for auto-generated identification numbers and tags, and enable or disable auto-generation of certain identifiers used in Service Desk Tickets, IT Assets, Software, Purchasing, and Customers.

All identifiers except for the Barcode consist of a prefix and a sequence number, such as AT000001, AT000002, etc. You can customize the default prefix and change the number of digits in the identifier.

TIP: Before changing the number of digits in the identifier for a particular object class, you should estimate the maximum number of objects of that class your database would contain. For example, 4 digits would yield 9,999 identifiers. If the 10,000th object appears, it would have a 5-digit long identifier (for example, AT10000); however, when the number of digits is exceeded, sorting those objects by ID would be incorrect. If you cannot estimate the maximum number of objects, keep the default number of digits or specify a larger value.

To customize the identifier format:

  1. Double-click the identifier to configure. The Auto-generation Policy [Identifier] window opens.

  2. Preview the identifier in the Next ID field. Customize the identifier format as needed:

    • To change the prefix, type in a new value in the Prefix field. The prefix must begin with an alphabetic character or a number, the maximum length is 10 characters.

    • To change the number of digits, type in or select the value in the Number of Digits field. The maximum value is 10.

    NOTE: The Barcode for objects does not have a prefix and consists only of a number, which is from 7 to 25 digits long.

  3. The Next ID field displays the identifier of the next object that will be generated. If you want to skip a certain value, click Change and specify a greater next number. The numbering will continue from the specified value.

  4. Click OK.

To disable or enable auto-generation of object identifiers:

NOTE: You can only disable the auto-generation of the Asset TagClosed - applies only to Assets , BarcodeClosed - applies only to IT Assets , and Purchase Order NumberClosed - applies only to Purchase Orders. All other identifiers are always automatically generated.

  1. Double-click the identifier to disable. The Auto-generation Policy [Identifier] window opens.

  2. To disable the auto-generation, clear the Generate automatically check box.
    To re-enable the disabled auto-generation, select this check box.

  3. Click OK.