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Attachments tab

This tab displays the object's attachments: files and links. Attachment files are stored in the Alloy Navigator Express database, while links point to various external objects and locations, such as files, locations in files, folders, HTML pages on the World Wide Web or an intranet.

On the Attachments tab you can perform the following actions:

  • To attach a new file, click Attach or Attach > Files, or press Shift+Ctrl+A. In the Open dialog box select a file and click Open.

  • To attach a link, click Attach > Link, enter the link location and description and click OK.

  • To paste one or more attachments, do any of the following:

    • In the Windows Explorer (or another application supporting copying of files to the Clipboard), copy the desired files to the Clipboard and then paste them to the attachment area by clicking Paste File on the Module menu or by pressing CTRL+V (or SHIFT+INSERT).

    • Drag the desired files from the original location to the attachment area.

    • In any application that supports viewing images and copying them to the Clipboard, copy an image or a part of it to the Clipboard, then paste it to the attachment section by clicking Paste File on the Module Menu or pressing CTRL+V (or SHIFT+INSERT). Enter the name and description for the file, choose its format (either BMP or JPEG) and click OK.

  • To open an attachment file or link, select it and click Open or Open > Open With. Alternatively, you can double-click the attachment record.

  • To save an attachment file to your computer, select it in the list and click Save. Then specify the file location and name and click Save.

  • To modify an attachment, select it and click Properties. The Attachment Properties Edit Link dialog box opens. To select another file, click Replace. To modify the link location, specify it in the Link field. To edit the attachment's description, type it in the Description field. Then click OK.

  • To delete an attachment, select it and click Delete.