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Configuring a Counter widget

A Counter widget displays values and trends of numeric data. A Counter widget contains one or more tiles, each of which displays a single value/trend pair.

You specify properties of a new Counter widget or modify properties of an existing widget of this type using the Counter Widget Properties window (see below for details).

Counter Widget Properties Window

The Widget tab of this window contains the following fields and controls:

General section - specifies general properties of the widget:

Name - an "internal" name of the widget, which identifies it in widget lists.

Title - a widget title, which will be actually displayed in the dashboard.

Allow to minimize widget - specifies whether users can minimize this widget.

Hide widget when data is not available - specifies whether the widget will be hidden when there is no data to display.

Tiles section - specifies tiles for the widget.

New - opens the New Tile window for creating a new tile.

Edit - opens the Tile Properties window for editing a selected tile.

Delete - deletes a selected tile.

Move Up - moves a selected tile up in the list.

Move Down - moves a selected tile down in the list.

Copy Tile - creates a copy of the selected tile.

Preview button - opens the Counter Preview window, where you can see how the widget will look according to the specified settings and the data it is built on.