Administration Guide

Customizing Workflow Actions

Although workflow Actions are built-in and you cannot change their effect, you can customize the following Action properties:

  • Caption— the text that represents the Action in the Actions menu and the Action Bar (see Actions).
  • Hint* — the hint that appears when the user hovers the mouse over the Action on the Action Bar.
  • Statuses* — the certain phases of business process, indicated by object’s statuses, when the Action is available.
  • Roles— the security roles for which the Action is available.

    NOTE: * These customizations do not apply to the Mobile App.

    INFO: For infomation on Actions, see Actions.

To customize an Action:

  1. From the Sidebar, navigate to Customization > [Module] > [Object Class] > Workflow > Actions.
  2. Double-click the Action to modify. The [Object Class] Action dialog box opens.

    Customizing the “Approve” Action for Purchase Orders

  3. Review the Action name and customize its caption and hint, as needed.

    NOTE: Keep the Enabled check box selected. Otherwise, this Action will be unavailable to users.

  4. To make the Action available only at certain phases of the business process, under Statuses, select the check boxes for the Status values. If you want the Action to be always available, select the Any status check box.

    NOTE: By default, commands for unavailable Actions appear dimmed in the Actions menu and the Action Bar. However, you can configure Alloy Navigator Express to hide unavailable Actions. For details, see Controlling the Action Bar Options.

  5. To make the Action visible only to members of certain security roles, under Roles, select the check boxes for those roles. If you want to make the Action available to all users regardless of their roles, select the Any role check box.

    INFO: For details, see Understanding Security Roles.

  6. When done, click OK.