Administration Guide

Controlling the Action Bar Options

The availability of workflow Actions is controlled by several factors, including user’s security roles and the object’s status.

INFO: For details, see The Availability of Workflow Actions.

Depending on the effective permissions of the current user, some of the Actions are not allowed, and Alloy Navigator Express hides such Actions from the user.

At the same time, some Actions may be unavailable due to the status of the current object.

By default, these Actions’ commands appear dimmed in the Action Bar. If you prefer, you can hide unavailable Actions as follows:

From the Sidebar, navigate to Customization > General > System Performance.

  • Under Workflow Action Bar, click Hide unavailable Actions. You can undo your changes by clicking Dim out unavailable Actions.

For your changes to take effect, you and other users must restart the ANX8 Desktop App.

NOTE: TSome Actions may have system restrictions that make them unavailable or not allowed for the current object. For example, an Action may be not allowed due to the object’s type.

NOTE: The Workflow Action Bar customization option does not apply to the Mobile App.