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SLA records

Updated in 8.4

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are used in conjunction with Services and describe the terms and conditions of agreements between you as the service provider (for example, Service Desk or IT department) and your customers (service receivers). Each SLA is created for a specific Service and its Service Level. Any SLA has the determined scope: it can either be global or have a number of specific receivers.

SLAs provide the information necessary for automatic calculating Service Desk tickets' Priority, Response Time, and Resolution Time: SLAs allow to trace the requester's organization (treated as a service receiver) and the Service chosen for the ticket to their Service Level and then apply the Ticket Response and Resolution Targets and Priority Calculation matrices defined for this Service Level.

To access the SLA grid, select Service Management > SLA from the navigation menu.

Below the top pane the following tabs are shown: