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Receivers tab

The Receivers tab is where you manage the receivers of the Service under this SLA.

These receivers can be both internal or external Service customers. They can receive the Service as a person, member of a group or organization. You can add persons, groups or organizations to the list of service receivers (click Add Receivers), remove them (click Delete), and open them for viewing and editing (double-click the record in the grid and then click the Edit button).

A single person, group, or organization cannot be receiver in more than one SLA for the same Service. However, several different persons, groups, or organizations can receive the same Service that has several different SLAs for each of them.

Once you add a receiver on this tab and save the SLA record, the receiver becomes listed on the Receivers tab of the corresponding Service record.

NOTE: When you add an organization as a service receiver, its sub-organizations (if any) are not included as service receivers. To include sub-organizations, you must add them separately.