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Customizing your personal settings

Updated in 2024

Your personal settings control how you view records in the Web App. In addition, this is where you can define the starting point for your searches or change your password.

To access your personal settings, click your user name on the right top corner and then click Settings.

Settings page

General view settings

  • Number of rows per page: Sets the maximum number of rows on a page. For details, see Limiting the number of rows per page below.

  • Always prepopulate object selection dialogs with data: Controls whether to show selection Select object from list dialogs prepopulated with data or display them empty. Empty selection dialogs are reasonable when your network connection is slower and the number of records to display is large. For details, see Show empty selection dialogs below.

  • For optimal performance, limit the number of records to retrieve to: Sets the maximum number of records that data views can contain without affecting the performance. When a view contains more records, Alloy Navigator retrieves only the maximum possible number of records and shows a warning message. For details, see Change the limit of records to retrieve below.

  • Open records in new tab/window: Specifies whether to open any object record in a new browser tab or window, depending on your web browser's settings. For details, see Managing object windows behavior below.

  • Date format options: Specifies the required date format. For details, see Specifying the date and time formats below.

    • 2-digit year: When enabled, only the last two digits of the year will be displayed.

    • Abbreviate month: When enabled, the month will be represented by three letters.

  • Time format options: Specifies the required time format. For details, see Specifying the date and time formats below.

    • Display seconds: When enabled, seconds will be shown.

    • 24-hour format: When enabled, the 24-hour format will be applied. Note that this setting is available only if the current locale uses a 12-hour format.

  • Save: Saves the changes made to the settings above.


If you use an account with Standard Authentication, i.e., type your user name and password to sign in to Alloy Navigator, you can change your password here.

Default search preferences

This section allows you to improve your search experience by setting a default starting point for searches. Choose one of the following options as your default search area:

  • Current: Selecting this option means that your searches will begin in the area where you are currently working.

  • Last used: Selecting this option will set your default search area to the location where you performed your most recent search. This is particularly useful if you frequently revisit specific sections of the system and want to maintain continuity in your search context.

  • Start here: This option offers maximum flexibility. With this choice, you can start your search from any point within the system or click within the Start here field and choose from a list of available object classes, each with its specific fields or attributes.

Customizing view options

Use the General view settings section to specify how to view records. Here you can set the number of rows per page, control whether to prepopulate selection dialogs with data, change the limit of records to retrieve, configure how to open object records, and specify the desired date and time formats.