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Configuration records

Configuration records allow you to describe different configurations and manage them as single configuration item.

Configuration records can store information about various configuration assemblies created for different purposes such as Internet or Intranet access, e-mail handling, data storage, and others. In this case, you link assembly components such as Computers, Hardware items, Tracked Software, or others to the Configuration by adding relationships on the Related Objects tab.

Also, you can use configuration records to describe a generic configuration item that performs specific tasks, for example, a domain controller, and then associate this Configuration with the configuration item actually carrying out these tasks. In this example, this is a Computer. If you describe your infrastructure in this way, when you replace your domain controller with another server, you can easily reflect this change by linking the domain controller's configuration record to another Computer and do not need to alter other relationships between Alloy Navigator objects.

To access this Configurations grid, select Configuration Management > Configurations from the navigation menu.

The top pane of an open configuration record window displays the name, ID, and the status of the Configuration.

Below the top pane, the following tabs are available: